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Giving birth in the toilet, Young Mother Killed Infant twins

Tennessee - I don't know what's on the minds of those young mothers. The U.S. women possess the heart to eliminating the two new-born twins.

U.S. police arrested a woman named Lindsey Lowe on Wednesday, September 14 nearby amount of time in Hendersonville, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. He was arrested after his father discovered the physique of an baby inside a laundry basket.

Towards the police as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, Friday (09/16/2011), 25-year-old woman was admitted until now to conceal being pregnant from her parents. She delivered twins in her parents' home toilet and hand over the mouth of the person boy was crying so they're not heard by her parents.

In the course of pregnancy, Lowe confessed to never visit a physician. Police remain at present trying to spot the dad in the poor twins.

Based on local police, claiming Lowe gave birth on Monday, September 12 pm local time whilst upon your toilet in her parents' house. He said the first baby fell in the toilet and cry.

"Lowe says how the baby is crying and Lowe didn't want her parents to know and know concerning the child," he revealed in police files.

"Lowe said he put his hand on the baby's mouth anf the husband stated he still does so until the child died inside some minutes," according to police.

Some minutes later, Lowe delivered her second baby who also fell into your toilet. He was once again put his hand around the baby's mouth and hold it before the baby died. Then he put both babies inside the laundry basket and covered it with blankets.

Based on police, the 2 babies contains a weight of around two.3 to two.7 pounds. More than this incident, Lowe was arrested for first degree murder and continued detention without possibility of bail.
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