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Because husband punched, Old Woman Killed

Sydney - An elderly woman had died immediately after being punched by her own husband. The 76-year-old man punched the woman's head and chest.

This tragic event occurred in Abbotsford, Sydney, Australia on Thursday, September 15 at around 19:30 neighborhood time.

According to neighborhood police, as reported by on Friday (16/09/2011), the incident occurred when a man fighting with 36-year-old son in their residence. Father and son are involved even physical fights.

Seeing the fight, 65-year-old victim tried to intervene. But the poor woman was essentially hit by a thrown fist tough on her husband as well as the victim's head and chest.

As a result, victims have difficulty breathing. Shortly thereafter, the woman was dead at the scene despite efforts to save him.

More than this incident, the victim's husband arrested for allegedly threatening assault. The man will start trial on Oct. 7.

Today police are still investigating the death of the victim. Autopsies will likely be conducted to determine the cause of death of victims.
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