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Results PSSI Congress in Solo | PSSI chairman in 2011

The results in Solo and Congress PSSI PSSI chairman Latest 2011 you will find info about the latest in a solo PSSI congress that also seek PSSI chairman Terbaru 2011 this year until the next period. What kind of results in Solo PSSI congress later?

Extraordinary Congress (KLB) PSSI held in Solo, Central Java, on Saturday (9 / 7), has an agenda similar to the previous congress. Congress will choose the chairman of the New PSSI, PSSI vice chairman, and member of executive committee (Exco) PSSI the period 2011-2015.

The event begins carnival culture that was followed by outbreaks of participants, VIP guests, and representatives from FIFA, which is Frank van Hattum, Jeysing Muthiah, Primo Carvaro and three representatives of the AFC: Alex Soosay, James Johnson and Lazarus. Participants will be carried by horse-drawn carriage and accompanied by 20 women Solo.

Then it will proceed with the initial description of the Normalization Committee Chairman Agum Gumelar on the implementation of outbreaks today. Apparently Normalization Committee hopes that the participants understand that the outbreak has been in accordance with the PSSI FIFA statutes and statutes PSSI.

Here's Extraordinary Congress PSSI event. PSSI chairman for Election Period 2011-2015.

1. Culture carnival 
2. Initial explanation Normalization Committee Chairman, Agum Gumelar, regarding the implementation of PSSI to outbreaks in accordance with the instructions and decisions of FIFA and the statutes of PSSI
3. Explanation of the rules remain the Extraordinary Congress PSSI 
4. Greeting from the Chairman of the Normalisation Committee Agum Gumelar 
5. The appointment of three researchers voice 
6. Appointment of two members to check the minutes of an outbreak of PSSI 
7. Election of chairperson, vice chairperson, and nine members of the executive committee from 2011 to 2015 period PSSI 
8. Conclusions presented by Agum Gumelar 
9. Closure

Congress today, is the last chance for PSSI to choose a new chairman. If, Congress again failed the PSSI will automatically be sanctioned by FIFA began Monday, July 11, 2011.
And PSSI chairman 2011-2015 are: Djohar Arifin

Djohar Arifin get the most votes in the election of the chairman of the PSSI, Saturday (09/07/2011) and thus will lead the PSSI for the period 2011-2015.

61 Djohar won the support of the voters present at the Extraordinary Congress PSSI in Surakarta, July 9. He outperformed Agusman Effendi who won 38 votes. The one vote declared invalid.

Since the beginning of Djohar already well ahead of Agusman. In the first round, winning with 53 votes Djohar. While Agusman won 39 votes. Both also have to end the competition in the second round.

Well, that's the information about the congress and PSSI PSSI Latest Elections Chairman 2011-2015.
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