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Twitter will remove the old version "soon"

Twitter continues to grow. It already has more than 100 million registered users, now comes the next stage: the evolution of the tool and start generating money.

The first part is already halfway done. Last year they released the "new Twitter", the site redesign that included the use of two columns and the integration of external content uploaded to sites like YouTube and TwitPic. While the change was launched more than nine months, users can still switch back to the old site. But that is short: those who still use the old design will notice that they now see a new warning that the upgrade to the new version will be done automatically and will be "very, very soon."
What is very, very soon? Nobody knows.

The other point for Twitter is to generate profits. So far, analysts say the company will earn $ 100 million this 2011, which is very little compared to U.S. $ 3500 million in Facebook advertising win.

By the same token, the network of Jack Dorsey is looking for new ways to generate income and they are the tweets of advertising. So far, the network has used the "Promoted trends" that are paid trending topics that appear on the lists for people to talk about them. Promoted mentajes tweets will be advertising that will appear in the timeline of users, or yes.

But to ensure that people read them, are displayed in a bar at the top of the browser window and will not disappear no matter how off at the window. Sound familiar? It's the same system "Quick Bar" in the Twitter app for IOS.

Sources said at Mashable that this new advertising system will be operational within the next 8 weeks. It is questionable how this system to integrate Twitter clients, either the officers or others, which are used by most of the mass of users.
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