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Mass Grave Containing 222 Bodies Found in Iraq

Baghdad - A mass grave containing the bones of 222 bodies were suspected to be remnants of a massacre of Kurds found in southern Baghdad, Iraq. The victims of these atrocities the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein's reign is thought to be buried en masse in 1987 ago.

"We have found 222 bodies and we have moved to the morgue in Najaf province," said Karim Ziad, officials responsible for these mass graves in the Department of Human Rights, Sunday (10/07/2011).

The Iraqi government announced on Wednesday they had found another mass grave with 900 dead bodies in the region near the town Shanafiyah Diwaniyah, Iraq.

Ziad said, most victims suffered gunshot wounds, they are citizens of Kurds killed during Saddam Hussein's regime in power.

"Mass graves of six trenches, we have conducted excavations in three trenches," he said.

Dakhil Saihoud, Chief Justice and Accountability Commission to investigate issues related to the previous regimes, said he was told there were 17 trenches on the site.

"It is possible there are hundreds of bodies there," he told AFP.

"Mass graves are crimes against humanity committed in 1987," said Human Rights Minister Mohammed al-Sudani Shia. "This is one of 84 sites listed in our ministry, and we have completed work on 34 of those sites," he said.

The number of people missing as a result of atrocities committed by Saddam, in power since 1979, estimated at between 300,000 and 1.3 million people. Human rights groups believe there are hundreds of mass graves in Iraq who was killed during Saddam's reign.
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