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Apple suffers hack on opening of the Mac App Store

Applications Mac Paid App Store could be downloaded for free by some hackers who gained access without much strategy to them for free. The mechanism is basically to replace signature files, and bill for other applications previously downloaded. Thus, programs able to function without noticeable change.
All this happened on the first day of the Apple online store. "With more than 1,000 applications, the Mac App Store has had a great start," were the words of Steve Jobs. "We believe that users will love this innovative new way to discover and buy your favorite applications." Both liked it, that one day the Mac App Store had more than one million downloads. But not all were legal.
"Breaking the conditions of use is acting in bad faith," said Salvador Millaleo, Academic Law and Technology at the Universidad Diego Portales. "He violated the conditions of the license App Store and the rights of developers," added the expert.
Apple had implemented a validation process for payment applications to the site, according AppleWeblog. The site explains that some developers did not meet the security protocol, which also confirm the economic transaction, it must track the number of the computer.
This security system should be effective in 99.9%, according to the Unofficial site, because it uses the most current identification protocols and professionals. These identifications can not be imitated from any point of view, so the official Apple page is not blaming the companies providing programs has failed request.
Others say Apple may have responsibility: "It is a development issue for Apple," said Antonio Salles, Central University's academic and security expert, "the software review process was not done properly."
These attacks have not been alone. Hackulous, a group known to have cracked the system of digital rights management apple, threatened to create a program to undermine the Apple store.
The Mac App Store is available to users of Snow Leopard operating system through a software update.
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