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Willing Yusril Apologizes To Basrief, Origin .....

Jakarta - Yusril Ihza Mahendra reluctant to meet the demand of the Attorney General to apologize for statements related to 'fool' to the Attorney General Basrief Arif. Yusril want to do it as long as Basrief also doing the same thing to him.
"Yusril willing to just pull out the term 'moron' who wore to the Attorney General Basrief Arief, if the concerned felt the words were harsh. But the new Yusril want to do it if Basrief first apologized for the rough treatment to Yusril with mencekalnya use legislation is no longer valid, "said Jurhum Lantong, spokesman Yusril in a press release on Tuesday (28/06/2011) night.
According Jurhum, the use of harsh words by Yusril not without cause. The expression 'Stupid' out of action due Basrief considered unfair and abusive Yusril have been banned.
"Rough treatment it has a detrimental effect and legal consequences far, far more serious than a spoken word. As state officials, Basrief must be" gentle "apologize to Yusril for mencekalnya with the law is wrong, so Basrief exceeded authority it has to do ban, "he said.
Jurhum also surprised by the greeting Kapuspenkum AGO Yusril Noor Rachmad calling as a high degree and was offended by accusations Yusril. "Has he forgotten, AGO officials have also been treated harshly Yusril, namely menggembok gate AGO and accused will flee", said the event reminded Jurhum penggembokan AGO Yusril by security forces a year ago.
Previous Yusril objected because the legal basis for the decision to prevent foreign issued AGO. He also called the Attorney General and human rights Menkum stupid.
"Attorney General and state officials Menkum human rights in law and already know that the decision Basrief Arief wear law is dead and no longer valid. Mimta I'm sorry, but I can not say anything else that legal officials to ban use of a dead Act, I have no other word to say the two men, but stupid, "said Yusril.
Yusril statement is inviting reaction AGO. Yusril AGO required to apologize for those words.

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