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Teens Singing 'Facebook' So Stars on YouTube

A 16-year-old teenager was a conversation in cyberspace. Video him sing a song about up in YouTube provoke public curious to see it.
Madelaine Zammit, thus the name of the girl, instantly becomes 'impromptu artists' in his country, Australia, after an international blogs like Mashable, The Daily What, Geekologie and Failblog writes about her appearance in the video.
Madelaine had no idea if keisengannya could attract the attention of YouTube viewers. Facebook wrote a song about it about three months ago and just posted earlier this month.
"I told him to post the video on YouTube and all started from there," said Madelaine friend, Sam Helyard who is now a manager.
Reported by Sydney moring Herald and quoted on Wednesday (29/06/2011), songs are sung in English Madelaine talk about everyday experiences that commonly experienced Facebook users. Perhaps because it is close to the everyday and the lyrics are simple, many people like it.
Using a guitar, sing it with witty Madelaine. Currently there are several other YouTube accounts are also posted the video. But the original video is posted since early July, listed has been visited more than 150 thousand times and affixed with a sign 'like' as much as 3246 times. This amount will continue to grow as more and more people want to see it.
Artist impromptu phenomenon of YouTube is actually not new. In many countries, there is only 'star' which became a local YouTube debate. In their own country, there are many examples. The most phenomenal is Sinta and Jojo singing lipsync song Poison conch and Brigadier Norman Kamaru known as Indian-style chanting and swaying.
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