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In order to Wealth A Nation Not Taken Easily Other Nations

Legian - local richness in music, design, symbols, appearance, narrative, various forms of crafts to recipes and culinary herbs can easily be taken of other nations via the internet.
Thus raised in the meeting on Traditional Cultural Expressions and Traditional Knowledge as part of the Second Session of Like Minded Countries Meeting on the Protection of Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (LMCM-GRTKF II) or the 2nd Meeting of States agree on the Protection on Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions, which was held in Bali, Indonesia (27-30/6/2011).
"Indonesia, a country rich of natural resources, cultural arts and a variety of traditional science community, has a great importance to the protection and sustainability," said Director of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Affairs Bebeb Djundjunan foreign ministry told AFP in his explanation by Dody Kusumonegoro Tuesday (06/28/2011).
According Bebep, RI foreign ministry is continuing to pursue the protection of GRTKF richness and diversity of cultural, social, religious and spiritual as well as high economic value, both at national and international level, one through LMCM-GRTKF II in Bali.
The Bali meeting is a follow up meeting GRTKF LMCM-I two years ago, in order to achieve common positions in the face of the discussion in the forum GRTKF Inter-governmental Council / IGC (Inter-governmental Council) WIPO in 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland, and harmonize the draft text GRTKF .
Foreign Claims Rampant
Working Group of Traditional Cultural Expression / TCE (Traditional Cultural Expressions and Traditional Knowledge task force / TK (Traditional Knowledge attempt to reach consensus in formulating a common position and draft consolidated text, which will be submitted as a recommendation to the plenary session on the last day.
TCE is an integral part of cultural and social identity of indigenous peoples and local, are realized through various forms of skills with specific values ​​and specific beliefs. TCE is generally expressed through music, design, symbols, appearance, and various forms of narrative craft.
TCE is one example of Balinese traditional arts such as Pendet or from East Java as Reog Ponorogo. Until now there has not been an international legally binding instrument (international instruments are legally binding, red), which regulates the protection of property rights and preservation of cultural art.
While TK is knowledge which is a vital part of a particular community or dynamic that is not solely judged old or ancient, but have also been developed and passed down from one generation to the next.
"TK lot owned by Indonesia's multiethnic nation. For example, knowledge of the Indonesian community in making the herbs as a traditional medicine need to be protected the right of ownership," said Bebep.
Advanced Bebep, advances in information technology today allows nations to take and use it for the benefit of each. The rise of foreign claims on the ownership of TK and TCE using IT sophistication would harm the community that created and have used it for generations.
Both TCE and TK is currently at the stage of drafting the legal text (drafting legal texts, red), which will be taken at a meeting of the IGC, WIPO in Geneva. Previously for 10 years has passed the stage of negotiation and the basics of goal achievement.
Genetic Information
While it includes the Genetic Resources (GR) or genetic resources is all the genetic material or genetic information from plants, animals, microorganisms, or other origin, including derivatives, containing functional units of heredity that have actual or potential value .
GR Working Group is currently still at the stage of discussion of the purpose and the basics. Indonesia has also great interest in the protection of biodiversity GR-owned since Indonesia is one of the largest in the world.
Advances in technology owned by developed countries can develop a range of genetic resources in developing countries for the sake of healing and other diseases.
"The absence of an international instrument on GR will not provide benefits and protection to countries of origin sources of the GR," said Bebep.
The participants at the Bali meeting has an important role in determining the process and time frame for completion of the GR to the discussion stage in the legal text making up the implementation of the IGC WIPO diplomatic conference in order to become an international instrument is legally binding.
The determination is very crucial considering the deadlines set by WIPO is the year 2012 while the WIPO IGC meeting, leaving only one meeting this year.
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