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Google provides an electronic medical record Health

Google has announced the end to medical electronic health records. About three years of service started Its operation is the first one in January 2012. Customers should be up to a period January 2013 to back up their data before the document will be removed permanently.

"Now, with several years of experience, we have found that Google Health does not have the impact we expected," writes Aaron Brown, senior product manager for Google Health, in a blog entry. This service has been adopted by several tech-savvy patients and healthcare providers. It can not expand the use is limited.

2008, then CEO Eric Schmidt has a health fair on the patient data even as "the most important species" refers to the search. Google Health is used to find information about the disease or to remind patients to take medication.

Google may end up support for the power meter, power meter evaluate data from digital and online users indicate their use of electricity. About a year ago, Google announced that this application also allows the monitoring of future water and gas consumption.

electric meter can by Bill Weihl, Green Energy Czar at Google, until 16 September 2011 are used. Until then, users can transfer their data in CSV format (Comma Separated Values​​) file.

"At first we called Google PowerMeter as Google.org project to life, to show how important it is that users can access data about their energy consumption," says Weihl. "Our efforts have not developed as we want, so we set up the service."

Powersave Hohm Microsoft applications do not have the desired effect. In April the company announced a new focus Hohm: Working closely with Ford will be the app was launched two years ago, intends to focus on electric vehicles.
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