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Chinese Girl Selling Virginity for An iPhone 4

Just for the sake of an iPhone 4 white dreams, she is willing to sell one of his most precious possession. Just imagine, she offers her virginity!

Girl from China was only identified named Wen. He was caught selling her virginity through Weibo, the popular networking site in China.

Wen came from the city of Maoming in the province of Guangzhou. In its news, Wen expressed virginity can be exchanged for a ransom of a white iPhone 4.

Wen also include the number. So if there is a serious man to make an offer, can contact him at number concerned.

Not yet certain whether Wen really willing to sell the 'crown' just for the sake of a smart phone. This could be just a fake or kind of publication so that he became famous.

Earlier, also in China, a teenager is also desperate to sell his kidney just to buy the iPad 2.
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