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Solo Batik Carnival 2011

On June 25th 2011, the city of Solo will be filled with festive atmosphere as the Solo Batik Carnival (SBC) is scheduled to parade through the major streets of the city. Held as a media to preserve and revitalize Indonesia’s home-grown fashion, this year marks the 4th time the Solo Batik Carnival is celebrated annually, following the success in 2008, 2009 and 2011.
Taking the theme”Legenda”or Legend, the carnival will be centered along the Slamet Riyadi Street in the heart of Solo. This year, the carnival route will start from the Solo Center Point (SCP) at Purwosari and end at the Solo city hall. The theme also serves as its main inspiration, thus, spectators can expect to observe the interpretation of legends  through the various Batik fashions displayed at the event. Unlike previous years when the carnival was held during the day to the evening, this year the SBC will start at 20.00 Western Indonesia Time in the evening.
The carnival will not only present a glamorous and exquisite fashion exhibition, but  it will also involve some beautiful choreography and theatrical performances. The carnival itself has drawn more than 200 participants ranging from artists, students, and the general public.
A giant stage equipped with sophisticated lighting system is also prepared to add to the grandeur of the carnival. There will also be special stages for the general public to watch at 5 different spots along the main street of Solo. These viewing stages are available at a tickets price ranging from IDR 50,000 to IDR 100,000.
Taking the art of Batik from the typically Javanese sophisticated gracefulness and serenity into the festive atmosphere of Solo Streets, the SBC is surely an Event worth attending.

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