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The reason Honda Odyssey Value Down

Jakarta - Honda New Odyssey has just launched the MPV market in Indonesia for a cheaper value USD 16.five million. Price decline just isn't because there's a reduced function, Honda even added a feature on New Odyssey ECON. Then what reason?

Investigate a calibaration, PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) appeared to benefit from trade agreements with all the Government of Japan, titled RI IJEPA (Indonesia Japan Economic Partnership Agreement) which benefit the car capacity of 3000 cc. Earlier vehicles like the Toyota Alphard and Nissan Elgrand benefit from this facility.

"Since the effects of cooperation IJEPA. Down towards the engine under 3.000cc - three.500cc. By reduction we calculated down to Rp 16.5 million," mentioned Director of Advertising and Sales Service PT Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy isela-d through the launch of New Odyssey in the Hotel Pullmann, Central Park, Jalan S Parman, Jakarta, Tuesday (02/21/2012).

New Odyssey Costs are really realistic when contemplating the several advanced attributes that happen to be embedded within the premium MPV Odyssey.

"The value is just ideal. It's very competitive in comparison with competitors," stated Jonfis.

Trade agreement with Japan or the Government of Indonesia IJEPA just updated last year. Within the automobile category in 2012 cc 1500-3000 downward taxable only 4% of the earlier 45% in 2008-2011. And in 2012, dropped to 0%.

Sales Target 700 units in 2012

Using the new regulation IJEPA, really confident if New Honda Odyssey would be sold in Indonesia car market place as much as 700 units.

"We benefit from this. Our target for 2012 of 700 units. About 100 units have didelivery. Now we have 700 units. Indicates it really is prepared to bring the rest to Indonesia. We bring direct from Japan," added Jonfis.
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