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Allegedly Dead Hunger, The family Discovered Rotting in Japan

Tokyo, pathetic! An elderly couple and their son were located dead within an apartment in eastern Japan. All 3 bodies happen to be decaying. They are considered to have left given that 8 weeks ago. Japanese media reported, the loved ones was allegedly starved to death!

A nearby police official mentioned the of two men as well as a woman located in an apartment within the area of Saitama, north of Tokyo on Monday, February 20 evening neighborhood time.

"They are thought to be a couple of their 60s as well as children for their 30s but we have not identified them officially," the official said as quoted by AFP news agency on Tuesday (02/21/2012).

Located 3 decomposing bodies immediately after they visited the apartment owners simply because they have rent arrears for couple of months.

According to private television station TBS, electrical energy and gas supply into their home happens to be disconnected. The household is assumed to become coping with only depend on water alone.

When police went around to their homes, no foods are found inside the apartment. Police officers only found the income several yen (cents) only.

The exact lead to of death three had been nonetheless under investigation. Police strategy to do an autopsy Tuesday.
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