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8 Applications "Mandatory" Android Customers

1. Google Goggles
Finish Tool for Android, there are a variety of facilities therein. Assistance English, French, Italian, German and Spanish and permit one to lead to other languages??.

2. Wifi Analyzer
Make your android cellular phone right into a Wi-Fi analyzer! Wi-Fi channel exhibits all-around you. Supporting you to locate a considerably less crowded channel for your wi-fi router.

3. Bluetooth OnOff
Bluetooth toggle Easy widget. Makes it possible for you On / Off Bluetooth you with just one click.

4. GPS OnOff
Simple GPS toggle widget. Will allow you On / Off Bluetooth you with only one click -4.

5. Compass & Level
Apps mantab compass. A breeze make use of and change the mode.

6. Wiki (Wikipedia for android)
Reading looking at Wikipedia easily on your phone.

7. EasyMoney
EasyMoney help you to track your own expenses easily and quickly using the gui is very simple yet powerful specifically created for smartphones.

8. Stopwatch & Timer
Stopwatch and Timer The best on Android. Basic and reliable. Ideal for situations all of the time (sports, games, working and cooking needless to say). View the menu for variety of applications.
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