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Reputation of Ubuntu Linux Carries on Decline

Over the years, Ubuntu has usually been on the major with the record of hottest Linux distributions. Ubuntu, an individual of the greatest Linux distributions continue on to lose popularity. From your latest data DistroWatch, the output of Canonical's Linux distribution is now in fourth situation as the hottest Linux distributions. As while in the 1st rank would be the Mint.

In reality, for a lot of many years, Ubuntu has usually been for the best in the DistroWatch record as being the most widely used Linux distributions. But given that last 12 months, Ubuntu down to the 2nd placement ahead of likely back down to his current placement.

Excerpted through the Inquirer, 25 November 2011, the decline inside the fourth place Ubuntu to generate Red Hat's Fedora was equipped to ascend into the second situation and OpenSUSE in the third place. Linux Mint alone, not only capable to keep up its placement at the top rated, according to documents, with the very last month level of popularity increased 66 % a lot more.

It can be approximated, Canonical encounter the reality of this undesirable for his conclusion to distribute Ubuntu with Unity desktop as its default interface. DistroWatch statistical figures can be utilized as evidence which the company's determination to take care of Unity, rather than Gnome, a erroneous phase.

Identical to Ubuntu, Linux Mint is based on Debian Linux consumers are also aimed at the layman. Linux Mint also optimize the person interface through Mint Gnome Shell Extensions. But unlike Canonical, modifications were built aiming to generate the interface of Linux is starting to become extra like Gnome 2.

Though Unity might be far more suited for gadgets that have touch screens, but people who use conventional hardware appears to be to favor to utilize the greater frequent desktop manager like Gnome and KDE.
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