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Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept

Mercedes-Benz has created a new aerodynamic trailer which permits to lower the wind resistance by almost 20% and lower the general gas efficiency of semitrailer tractors by 5%.

The aero trailer was developed by Mercedes-Benz in cooperation with all the Business Auto Style department.

For this idea the designers have applied exactly the same concepts employed within the new premium truck, the Actros, which resulted in 12-15% aerodynamic efficiency improve.

The trailer features a amount of exterior enhancements that jointly let to accomplish a 18% enhance in aerodynamic efficiency.

The front airdam cuts down the gap from the tractor unit and lowers the wind resistance by a person percent.
The aspect trim panels are somewhat drawn-in on the entrance and characterized by an opening in the rear that steers the air while in the path on the rear diffuser, and contribute an eight-percent advancement.

The diffuser with the rear has the shape of a parallelogram and one-way links up using the underbody panelling, therefore enhancing the wind resistance by a single to 2 percent.

A rear end taper measuring marginally much more than four hundred mm in length kinds a important part in the aerodynamic notion. It options folding parts to facilitate entry into the load compartment.

The rear stop taper improves wind resistance by an extra 7%.

All in all the aero trailer lowers the wind resistance in the total semitrailer tractor by somewhere around 18 p.c. According to Mercedes-Benz this could end result in a very reduction in gasoline intake amounting to pretty much five % in real-life street website traffic.

Despite all of the aerodynamic alternatives,the dimensions with the trailer load compartment keep on being fully unaffected - measuring thirteen.6 m in length, 2.fifty five m in width and having an all round peak of 4 meters.

The aero trailer’s only restriction is the simple fact that its duration measurement exceeds the at this time permissible limit by nearly half a meter, because of the tail-end extension.

The aero trailer may be the flagship of your new “Truck and Trailer 7plus” initiative currently being launched by Mercedes-Benz. By using a holistic method towards the tractor unit and trailer it aims to considerably minimize the gas intake - and therefore also the CO2 emissions of semitrailer tractors simultaneously.

Mercedes-Benz is going to be presenting these suggestions for the initial time within the occasion with the “Trailer 2011” display going down concerning twenty five and 29 November in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Beneath we report some particulars around the historical past of Mercedes-Benz research while in the aerodynamics of business vehicles, along with a set of style and design sketches through the previous twenty years.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks: aerodynamic exploration
There is certainly a protracted tradition of adopting a holistic approach into the truck and trailer at Mercedes-Benz.

Even back again while in the mid-1980s the progress engineers were carrying out in-depth investigations into your aerodynamics of complete car combinations.

These involved exploration in the impact of air deflector panels, aspect trim panels, edge radii and rear conclusion tapers.

The essential know-how acquired back again then remains valid to this day and sorts the idea for the present-day investigations.

In people days the main focus was simply on saving gas for financial good reasons; priority had not but been supplied to safeguarding the environment by cutting down CO2 output.

Nowadays, some 25 ages afterwards, atmosphere relief, conservation of assets and financial state stand for seamless additions, while in the sort on the “Truck and Trailer 7plus” initiative.
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December 17, 2011 at 1:48 AM

There's an American Company, ATDynamics ( ) that already has a commercial product that saves 6% fuel: The Trailertail (what Mercedes is prototyping).

Perhaps, Mercedes should team up with ATDynamics since they already have a proven commercial product already streamlining thousands of non-aerodynamic trailers?...

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July 14, 2012 at 2:21 PM

yea same as above, on a flatbed semi trailer by semi i mean an 18 wheeler, how tall is the top of the bed from the ground? i've looked online but only got the length and width. please help?

Extendable Trailers

Terimakasih Conry Lavis atas Komentarnya di Mercedes-Benz Aero Trailer Concept

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