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Hyundai Stratus Sprinter Concept

For your “Hollywood Movie” theme with the 2011 edition in the LA Structure Challenge, Hyundai designers took inspirations from vampire tales, that lately created a comeback because of the success of novels such as the Twilight collection.

Hyundai Stratus Sprinter Concept PosterThe track record story produced for your undertaking, titled “Countess of Siberia”, is woven throughout the deeds of Elena, an immortal Countess born in 1829 from vampire mothers and fathers.

Throughout her combat for flexibility and justice she utilizes two vehicles, the Hyundai Stratus Sprinter MPV and also the DB Atlant airship, which were inherited from her mother and father and slowly and gradually afflicted by plenty of modifications and improvements produced for the duration of her immortal everyday living.

Both the motor vehicles “have a magical stealth pressure that renders them invisible throughout daylight”, which assists the Countess touring across perilous locations.

The airship can transport the Stratus Sprinter locked using a latch method in a very cargo bay for long-distance journeys.

When approaching the mission spot, it releases the car or truck, which gains pace through a catapult technique and glides down to the earth as a result of the built-in wings, reminiscent of a vampire cape.

Hyundai Stratus Sprinter Notion Both the MPV as well as airship make use of a futuristic style language with flowing surfaces.

Curiously, the airship - by way of not absolutely produced in 3D - looks to better fit in to the track record story because of the worn, multi-material search and the retro-styled components like the huge front propeller as well as the rear boat-inspired hand rail.

Around the other facet, the smooth and minimum style and design in the Stratus-Sprinter makes it a fairly contemporary concept and appears designed yourself as an alternative to a carriage encountered with over two centuries of changes.
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