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2011 Ultra Subaru HORIZON: "Divided"

It’s been 200 many years considering that our planet stopped rotating. The globe, since we once knew it, is extinct. As a substitute are two hemispheres - the Daysphere as well as Nightsphere - with people occupying the very produced civilization in the latter, away from the former as well as deadly electromagnetic waves.

But as historical past has proven, anything has an expiration date, plus the electrical energy source - a uncommon crystallized mineral - which has driven the Nightsphere’s Megacity is gradually jogging from juice. In order to search out the mineral, a crew of four heroes should journey to your pole with the Daysphere, the sole spot on the planet wherever the mineral is uncovered, but is identified for being so unsafe that no one has ever occur back from it alive.
Enter into the Ultra Subaru HORIZON. The team, which comprises of Alycone, Maia, Merope, and their magical cat, Pleiades, journey for the pole of your Daysphere agreeable the HORIZON, a car that was specially made towards the particular objective.

When using the fate on the Nightsphere in their arms, the Ultra Subaru Horizon and capacity to withstand strong electromagnetic industry, chemical imbalances, scorching warmth, and raging storms in the Daysphere, is definitely the only matter which can help Alcyone with his fantastic workforce to complete their mission, proving that in case there ever arrived an occasion once the entire world required a car or truck to save the ’night,’ the Ultra Subaru HORIZON would be it.
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