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U.S. Ambassador: Indonesia Becoming Rapid Advancement

"Indonesia has turn into a brand new center of international investment."
Dated October three, 2011, marking Half a century of the United States to find out cooperation relations with Indonesia by way of the business USAID. The U.S. is incredibly proud, Indonesia showed rapid progress in various fields such as education, wellness, and economics.

"For the economical field alone, the continent may be progressing for six plus a half %. And this really is excellent for any big country," said U.S. Ambassador, Scot Marciel, the commemoration the 50th anniversary of USAID, Wednesday, October 3, 2011 in Jakarta.
And it fell flashed a bit behind using the state of Indonesia Half a century ago. At which time Indonesia was hit via the disaster of poverty.

"Now, Indonesia became one with the countries with middle-income economies and became one on the world's largest economic center with the G20. Via the achievements of macro-economy, Indonesia has develop into a brand new center of international investment," added Marciel once again.

However, USAID Director, Glenn Anders, adds, will not imply USAID didn't encounter any obstacles during the partnership with Indonesia.

"Indonesia is a huge country with quite a few needs, but unfortunately our budget is limited and can not meet dozens of needs. There's nonetheless much for being done Indonesia," stated Anders.
Thus far, USAID has assisted Indonesia in improving the top quality of education using the sending of Indonesian teachers to analyze within the U.S.. Furthermore, USAID also helped inside the procurement of water that is clean and environmental rescue effort in Indonesia.
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