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Personnel Salaries Freeport Lowest in the World

According to employees, wages not comparable occupational risks. Working at an altitude of 4,200 meters.
Considering that last Thursday, September 15, 2011, thousands of personnel of PT Freeport nonetheless does strike. They demanded an increase in welfare and wages much like a really high risk job. Based on workers, the things they earn not even close to sufficient.

The truth is, "of all mining corporations in the world, pay for the lowest Freeport staff and away from the regular, whereas a really high level of occupational risks, namely perform at an altitude of four,200 meters, foggy, high rainfall, extreme cold temperatures, to create gold, copper, silver and other mines, "said Frans Wonmaly, Board of PT Freeport SPSI PUK leader Sudiro, Monday, October 3, 2011.

This information comparison in 2006, the salary of miners in The usa of U.S. $ 10-70 hourly, South America U.S. $ 10-100 each hour and Indonesia only U.S. Free.98 to 2 per hour.This season wages of miners in America reached around U.S. $ 66.432 hourly, while Indonesia should be only U.S. $ four.421 to 7.356 each hour. "When in contrast to other mining companies inside the world, the distinction between heaven and earth, this is what we should demand towards the management company," stated Frans.

According to him, staff presently on strike demanding wage increases of up to U.S. $ 30-50 an hour. "We just bring the mark, the adjustment of the minimum wage of U.S. $ 30 each hour," for brief.

Relating to the statement by President Director of PT Freeport, Armando Mahler some time ago, that, every employee will suffer Rp570 thousand per day in the course of the strike, vehemently denied Wonmaly Frans. "I was in grade 3 only get Rp 7 million every single month, if received Rp 570 thousand days, ought to I accept less than Rp17, 2 million a month," he said though showing the hem ebook cooperative agreement.

Till now, he stated, staff who strike negotiations with management were fruitless. Actually, negotiations are locked in Jakarta within the mediation from the Ministry of Energy as well as the minister also deadlocks. "The talks deadlocked, management refused to allow the aspirations of employees," he stated.

The treatments for Freeport, he said, even though also carry on and conduct propaganda by sending a SMS into a household employee, who inspired to perform back and announced by means of numerous neighborhood media, to ensure that workers get back to perform.

Frans stated the personnel would carry on and strike until the requirements are met from the organization. "The strike might last until early next October 16, when no agreement is yet another month then it'll proceed forward again," he was quoted saying.

Workers who're people in the PUK leadership Sudiro SPSI PT FI has been preparing law suit if negotiations with Freeport's management could hardly come across a bright spot. "We've got lawyers, if indeed the finish of the this process towards the Court," he explained.

When a spokesman for Freeport, Ramdani Sirait states, All day long Saturday (1 / 10) and Sunday (2 / 10) of 1217 Freeport workers and contractors have returned to function towards the plateau location by making use of 23 buses personnel. "As of Sunday there were 6968 Freeport personnel and contractors are actually dispatched having a total of 140 bus staff to return to work in upland locations. Activities concentrate production and shipments have been running with restricted capacity. Each and every day, typically more than 5,000 staff are actually active working inside the location of ??the highlands, "he said.

"The therapy for PT Freeport convey deep and sincere appreciation towards the employees who keep working and contributing, and decide on not to participate within the strike is unauthorized."
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