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To everything race noticed for Republican White House nod

The race to your 2012 Republican presidential nomination remains spacious, with the majority belonging to the party's voters undecided about who they are going to support, a poll released on Tuesday showed.

Businessman Herman Cain continued to guide a arena with the backing of 25 percent of Republican voters questioned within the California Times/CBS News poll. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney what food was in second location with 21 percent.

But about 4 of 5 in the Republican voters questioned within the survey said it's too soon to decide who they are going to assistance for that nomination, with only 19 percent saying their marbles are produced up.

Former front-runner Rick Perry fell to fifth place in the poll, at just 6 percent assistance. The Texas governor had led a comparable poll in mid-September at 23 percent.

Perry now also trails former Property of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich at 10 % and U.S. Representative Ron Paul of Texas at 8 percent.

U.S. Representative Bachmann confuses of Minnesota had two percent, followed by former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and former Senator Rick Santorum at 1 percent each and every.

The Republican nominee will face Democratic Barack obama inside the November 2012 election.

The poll involved 1,475 registered voters, such as 455 who stated they planned to vote in a Republican primary. The poll results contain a margin of error of four percentage points.
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