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GTA V: Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer

Grand Theft Auto left fans from the video gaming franchise salivating right now since it promised a trailer of your new edition within the joyriding favourite.

The homepage of makers Rockstar Games featured merely the game logo Grand Theft Auto V with the promise: "TRAILER 11.02.11". The title bar of this page simply had the hashtag #GTAV.
It was eventually GTA V which became a best trend on Twitter as fans shared their excitement at the promise of a brand new game.

Get back 1 easy splash page, next month's hugely anticipated no-holds-barred deathmatch between shooters Call of Duty: Modern day Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 have been downgraded to the status of a minor playground squabble.

The brevity in this morning's web-site announcement only agreed to be matched by it is sheer out-of-the-blue unexpectedness: not merely does the much-rumoured Grand Theft Auto V exist, but there is going to be a trailer released on November two.
Few other information and facts was forthcoming, but that itself was sufficient to set the net ablaze with excitement and speculation.

Which fictional city would you like placed in? Ultimately take advantage of LA Noire's a lot heralded facial animation technology? And just why should the 'V' in the logo look as a dollar bill?
To your uninitiated, Grand Theft Auto V is really major news indeed. Thus far, the series who has sold copies with the truckload (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas remains one with the PlayStation 2's most effective titles with many 17.5million units shifted on that platform alone), even though the breathtaking GTA IV was heralded as one of the first really next gen games.

The series hasn't been without having controversy, although. The overtly violent gameplay probable within its vast open worlds - users are in a position to steal cars, experience random and graphic acts of abuse as well as talk with prostitutes - has noticed GTA come to be the whipping boy of choice for moral campaigners concerned concerning the affect of video gaming over the young.

Not that its legion of fans care one jot. If anything, they are seeking much more of exactly the same next time round. And within the shortage of concrete details preceding next week's large reveal, experts and fans alike are usually creating wish-lists for GTA V will contain.
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