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Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday Art Clokey

Google Doodle produced by Google to celebrate unique days, and today celebrates the 90th anniversary of Art Clokey, the pioneer who popularized the movement of clay animation.

Art Clokey, started his career in 1955, when he created his initially animated film "Gumbasia". Starting from there, he and Ruth, his wife discovered the Gumby. Because then Gumby, the green stone figure of the move like humans and also the horse named Pokey became incredibly preferred and awaited his presence on American television to be contained in sebuh Tv series titled Howdy Doody Show and also the Adventures of Gumby.

Art Clokey died on January 8, 2008 as he slept at his household in Los Osos, California. He died soon after battling bladder illness suffered.

Art Clokey's birthday, the initial can be a unique day in the Google Doodle right after Google paid tribute through its internet search engine within the death with the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs some days ago.
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