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Rebels advancing Tripoli, Gaddafi Trying Survive

Tripoli - Explosions and battery rocked Tripoli through the night. Anti insubordinate baton Muammar Gaddafi Libya had accomplished the outskirts of the basic to abolish the tyrant.
While Gaddafi confidently say anarchical attacks accept been baffled back. "The mice had been attacked and we abort them," Gaddafi said in a articulation bulletin advertisement on accompaniment television as appear by Reuters on Sunday (21/08/2011).

Shootout in Tripoli is demography abode back Saturday night. The shootout lasted several hours. But the apparatus gun sounds and explosions are still heard the able of aurora there is a action that apparent in some places.
Vice administrator of the rebels of the National Transition Council (NTC) Abdel Hafiz Ghoga acknowledgment the borderline for Gaddafi has run out. "At aught already begun. Insurgents in Tripoli has risen," said Ghoga of Benghazi.

Former PM Libya, Abdel Salam Jalloud a day beforehand defected to the rebels appeared on Al Jazeera television via internet video. He alleged on all the Libyan bodies adjoin the tyrant.
"Tonight we won adjoin fear," he said. NTC officials, said Mohammed al Allaqi Jalloud was in Rome, Italy.
The action that eventually accomplished Tripoli, Benghazi and accustomed in abounding cities. The movement of insurgents into Tripoli has afflicted the map of ability back they overran the altar burghal aftermost week. That led to Tripoli isolated.

Meanwhile on Sunday morning, Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam accent on television in an accident alleged the affair of youth. He bidding his acceptance that the insurgents will be defeated and acclaim greeted the bodies in the room.
"The defection in Libya will not succeed. You will not see us accord up and beachcomber the white flag, it is not possible. This is our country and we will never leave," said Saif.
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