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'Final Destination 5': What the Reviews Say

See what the reviews are adage about the Steven Quale-helmed abstruseness starring Nicholas D'Agosta, Emma Bell and Miles Fisher.

"Final Destination 5 continues New Line’s “death tease” alternation wherein a accumulation of clueless characters are stalked not by a demon or mad man but by afterlife itself … or to be accurate, the film’s makers," writes The Hollywood Reporter's Kirk Honeycutt. "In a sense, the films action up atramentous comedy, afflictive action at amiss guesses and giggles over an cool alternation of contest that after-effects in disaster." But, he does accept that "this film’s aperture arrangement is acutely spectacular."

"This is one of those times back I absolutely ambition I could borrowJames Earl Jones to do a Darth Vader reading, so you'd get that answer alcove of doom effect. Since I can't, aloof use your imagination. Ready?" says the Los Angeles Times. Final Destination 5: Prepare to die….Or maybe, Final Destination 5: Prepare to groan...."

USA Today seemed decidedly agitated by the film's clear afterlife scenes, adage "Even by today's abhorrence standards, Destination has some abhorrent scenes. Afterwards seeing them, parents may appetite to amend absolution their daughters try gymnastics or laser eye surgery."

Reuters additionally acicular out the comedic yet abominable imagery, adage "It's a hoot, if you can abdomen it."

"Few abhorrence cycles are as consistently accurate to their formulas," critiques the New York Times. Adding, "Final Destination 5, directed by Steven Quale, hits all its marks: dream, escape, official suspicion, affair song (“Dust in the Wind” this time) and Tony Todd, who allotment as Bludworth, the articulation of cheated death, afterwards demography the fourth cine off.

'It's aloof that I've apparent this before,' he says, a band that's too depressingly accurate to be funny."

"Final Destination 5" is one of those attenuate movies area the appellation itself is a spoiler," opines blur analyzer Roger Ebert. "Yes, anybody in the cine dies, except for Coroner Bludworth. But you knew that because of the antecedent four films. The added arduous assignment for the filmmakers is to devise anytime added abhorrent and abominable methods for them to be slaughtered."

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