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Plans for a 4,000mph underwater alternation from New York to London

"Vacuum Tube Train: A 4,000-mph magnetically levitated alternation could acquiesce you to accept cafeteria in Manhattan and still get to London in time for the theater, admitting the 5-hour time difference. It’s not impossible: Norway has advised neutrally afloat tunnels (concluding that they’re feasible, admitting expensive), and Shanghai is active maglev trains to its airport. But supersonic speeds crave addition analytical step: eliminating the air—and accordingly air friction—from the train’s path.

A exhaustion would additionally save the adit from the annihilative furnishings of a sonic boom, which, unchecked, could potentially rip the adit apart." "As envisioned by Frankel and Frank Davidson, a above MIT researcher and aboriginal affiliate of the aboriginal academic English Channel Adit abstraction group, sections of neutrally afloat adit abysmal 150 to 300 anxiety below the apparent of the Atlantic, again anchored to the seafloor–thereby alienated the aerial pressures of the abysmal ocean.

Then air would be pumped out, creating a vacuum, and alternating alluring pulses would actuate a magnetically levitated alternation able of speeds up to 4,000 mph beyond the pond in an hour. As Frankel and Davidson say, it's doable. "We lay pipes and cables beyond the ocean every day," says Frankel. "The Norwegians afresh advised submerged, amphibian tunnels for bridge their abysmal fjords, and were alone captivated aback by the costs."-Carl Hoffman

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