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Eating biscuits three times a week 'could give you womb cancer'

Regularly snacking on biscuits, cakes or buns can decidedly access a woman's affairs of developing abyss cancer, a fresh abstraction shows.

Women who advised themselves two to three times a anniversary were 33 per cent added acceptable to ache the disease.

Among those bistro them added than three times a week, the accident of falling ill with a tumour jumped by 42 per cent.

The allegation appear from a ten-year abstraction in Sweden which looked at the bistro habits of added than 60,000 women. Scientists capital to investigate links amid bathetic diets and the development of tumours in the womb.

Also accepted as endometrial cancer, it affects about 6,400 women a year in the UK and kills an estimated 1,000 annually.

Although the risks are accepted to access with weight gain, advisers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm capital to see if there was a absolute articulation amid the bulk of candied foods eaten and the access of cancer.

They advised abstracts from bags of women who, in 1987, completed questionnaires on diet, lifestyle, weight and accepted health. Ten years later, those still animate were accustomed the aforementioned questions again.

All the women were asked how generally they added amoroso to their hot drinks or aliment and what was able-bodied their assimilation of altered types of bathetic foods.

When the advisers took these beforehand allegation and akin them up to abstracts assuming how abounding of the women went on to advance endometrial cancer, they begin a absolute of 729 cases in the 18 years from the alpha of the study.

They begin little or no access in accident from bistro assertive high-sugar items such as sweets, bendable drinks, jam or marmalade. But women who frequently snacked on candied cakes, buns or biscuits were up to 42 per cent added acceptable to get cancer.
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