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Sony MiniDisc Walkman player to his retirement in September

Last year we announced that the Sony Walkman cassette player to stop its production, and like any pig that comes his San Martín, today we announced a similar situation with the MiniDisc from Japanese companies, also in the Walkman family.
Japan's Nikkei newspaper reported today that Sony would stop production in September was the only model in the catalog, Sony MZ-RH1. This model appeared on the market in April 2006 and has a OLED display, headphone quality and multiple connectivity options for recording audio.
MiniDisc Walkman The first was introduced based on the Japanese market in 1992, 13 years after the first Walkman cassette. The format works, but not really good enough to consider a big success, especially outside Japan, although there is a gap between the demands of professional audio quality.
Sony has no intention to stop manufacturing the Hi-MD disc player MiniDiscs using the latest from the Japanese company, actually sold 22 million units in March.
Hi-MD discs can store 1GB of data, audio PCM 94 minutes and 45 hours of audio at 48 Kbps MiniDiscs While previous albums remain in 177MB and 80 minutes of audio. Sony MZ-RH1 with 305MB can be increased by this amount if we are using the Hi-MD mode.
For now the family is still alive thanks to a Walkman phone, Flash player, and we can consider an older sibling based on the CD.
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