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HTC Sensation, It is Very Seductive

The Sensation HTC has finally seen the light. This new smart phone comes in to fill the gap of multimedia phone with dual core brand. And the occasional novelty and we will tell.
The HTC Sensation, rather than its dual-core, display, or design, we presentaroslo as the first terminal of the brand that incorporates technology HTC Watch, a new film and series on demand.
HTC Sensation, design and huge screen
HTC seeks to reclaim this new HTC Sensation pride of place on the podium of the best phones in terms of finish and design. The aluminum body built from a single piece (although tricky) is the base, with glass of the screen by tapping the end of the phone in the bottom.
The screen of 4.3 inches (SuperLCD) is his second strong point. It has resolution of 960 × 540 pixel widescreen, and she can enjoy the Android operating system in its Gingerbread with renewed Sense HTC enough customization.
The highlight is the ability to customize the screen lock HTC Sense, a new step taken ahead of Apple IOS, very stuck on the issue of warnings and notifications. Also access to functions directly from that screen has improved, and may for example be used to activate the camera movements. Finally, the graphics of the widgets HTC also have an interesting leap in quality.
Dual core and 1080p video
The third factor of importance of this new HTC Sensation is your processor a dual core 1.2 Ghz Snapdragon, Qualcomm, so its power will not have doubts.
In the section of the camera, this new HTC incorporates an 8 megapixel sensor that records 1080p video with stereo sound and 30 fps, so if it behaves properly we can put a few buts it. With the Video Trimmer can be edited and ready to climb the social networks. HTC Watch, video on demand for mobile
As mentioned, the most interesting Sensation HTC has brought us a new service under the arm. HTC Watch is the new platform on-demand video of the company.
Watch the latest HTC about film and TV titles directly to the screen of HTC Sensation, with content that is visible from the time of purchase thanks to its progressive download. These videos can be purchased or rented. In the first case we can view the movie or chapter in our favorite series on up to five terminals HTC. HTC Sensation, price and availability
If you are Vodafone, congratulations. The British company has confirmed that this new exclusive will HTC Sensation, which will be available in coming weeks on the European continent, depending on each country. In Spain is scheduled to arrive in May.
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