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Phone Victim Murdoch Denies Tapping the September 11 attacks

London - Rupert Murdoch denied allegations that the News of the World (NOTW) who take shelter under News Corp. also victims of phone-tapping the September 11 attacks. He said there was no evidence of these intercepts.

Murdoch deal with British MPs phone tapping scandal that made ​​NOTW on Milly Dowler, a daughter who was murdered. Accompanied by his son, James, Murdoch answered every question posed MPs.

Murdoch also said there was no evidence that Rebekah Brooks, a former editor of NOTW, and Les Hinton, CEO of Dow Jones & Co. know these intercepts. Both are now retired after a wiretapping scandal was revealed to the public.

As quoted from Reuters, Tuesday (19/07/2011), Murdoch said, he has closed the NOTW magazine because, "We are embarrassed by what had happened," he said.

In addition to phone-tapping Dowler so that could be considered alive by her family, the weekly NOTW also expected to tap phones belonging to the victims of bomb attacks in London, July 2005.Belakangan tabloid circulation of 2.8 million known 168-year-old was often carried out the surveillance

against a number of figures for reporting purposes. NOTW has ceased publication last week with the last edition titled "Thank you and good bye". But the case is ongoing.

Besides the UK, phone tapping is also suspected to occur in the U.S.. Currently the FBI is investigating the allegations. The scandal was mentioned is the worst in the history of mass media.

Murdoch is a media baron from Australia who is now a U.S. citizen. He hoisted the flag of News Corp.. Media that has, among others, The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, Fox Broadcasting Company and The Wall Street Journal.
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