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Kevin Rudd Back Undergo Heart Surgery

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd will undergo heart surgery to repair one of katubnya impaired. To that end, Rudd will rest post-surgery day for eight weeks.

Rudd heart, abnormal heart since childhood. As a result of abnormalities that dideritnya this, twenty years ago, Mr Rudd has also undergone similar surgery.

"From my medical records document the past, said it was time I had a new heart valve. And because I want to be healthy and obedient to the record that I decided to follow that advice," Mr Rudd said as quoted by, Thursday (21/07/2011).

The operation itself is planned to be held on 1 August. Rudd will undergo surgery in Sydney or Melbourne. The surgical procedure which he lived is no different with other patients who suffer from similar illnesses.

"After this operation, estimated time for normal recovery of about eight weeks. It's been my experience 20 years ago. If you remember, when I served as Director General of the Cabinet Office in Queensland," he said.

"After the recovery period, I will go back to work and do everything as usual," please Mr Rudd.
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