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IHOP gives away free pancakes for charity Tuesday

IHOP is hosting its eighth pancake giveaway.
Early bird today gets the pancakes. A stack of them. For free from IHOP.

And it's all in the name of benevolent society. The bistro string of links is endeavouring to boost diners taking benefit of the complimentary meal to donate $3 million to the Children’s Miracle mesh Hospitals, which raises capital for 170 nonprofit children’s medical centers.

The business, owned by Applebee’s parent DineEquity in Glendale, has been hosting the giveaway for eight years and has increased $10 million. 

The more than 1,500 IHOP restaurants will offer a complimentary tower of buttermilk pancakes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. IHOP has named Feb. 5 to be National Pancake Day -- a vacation it says is founded on a custom several centuries vintage of making pancakes to use up all the dairy goods forbidden during loaned.

overlook America 2013 Mallory Hagan is scheduled to help flip and serve pancakes at a Hollywood IHOP location Tuesday.

Other food-service chains have lately started to test business models that include do-gooding.
The Panera base, an offshoot of the well liked sandwich company, now has five "pay-what-you-can" bistros in the homeland that operate on donations. 

Within two weeks of Starbucks commencing its Create Jobs for USA finance in 2011, customers had pledged more than $1 million. The effort raises cash for borrowings to little enterprises to increase employment.

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