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Mmmmm, Bacon!!

I am never frying bacon again!! Don't get me wrong, we are not removing bacon from our menu, it is just the frying method that I will never do again. Don't you hate cramming 4 or 5 pieces, at a time, into your largest frying pan... trying to get them all to lay flat as they curl up and leave those white fatty ends on each piece?!?!?  Me too, so I went on an Internet hunt for a "flat bacon miracle" and I found a super easy one!! Maybe everyone already knows about this method, but I sure didn't and I can tell you right now, I'll never fry bacon in a frying pan again!!

Using a large baking sheet that has a lip on it, spray it with a little cooking spray (probably not really necessary, but it makes for easier clean up) and line up the raw bacon slices, side by side, like this (my baking sheet cooked a 12 ounce package of bacon all at once.
Now, depending on how thick your bacon is and how hot your oven runs, it takes roughly 20-25 minutes at 375 degrees (I don't even pre-heat the oven) to bake the whole package at once!! No turning slices, no splattering in your oven, no bacon fat skin burns and no curly bacon....its magic!!

Start watching the bacon at about 20 minutes for regular thickness sliced bacon (I've never timed the thick sliced stuff). It comes out absolutely perfectly flat and Picky-picky husband who is one of the strictest bacon critics that I've ever met, gave this bacon BOTH thumbs up and raved about what a great texture and taste it had.....well, blow me over!!
Not only is this a wonderful way to cook mass amounts of bacon, but it leaves your entire cooking range free for whatever!!

NOTE: If you like super crispy bacon, just leave it in for an extra minute.
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