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Video: JetBlue pilot has apparent breakdown onboard

I’m offering you two cell-phone clips on the flight itself. The audio, alas, is poor, with someone clearly shouting in the distance but unintelligibly (at the least to me). Based on Fox News, though, he was ranting about Iran and Iraq and a person heard some thing about bombs. When he attempted to obtain back in the cockpit, two stewardesses stopped him then a variety of male passengers, including a member with the NYPD, brought him down.

Sound suspicious? That’s where the next clip beneath is available in, and that’s the a single it is best to completely watch. Former Fox News anchor Laurie Dhue was on the airplane and phoned in afterward to FNC to give Shep the scoop. From what she’s heard from the cops, the pilot is really a vet and may perhaps have experienced a sequence triggered by PTSD. JetBlue released a statement just after the flight proclaiming that he previously a break down “medical situation.” I’m curious to know if he’s a break down breakdown prior to, how serious that it was, and what JB’s policy is on clearing pilots with psychological circumstances for flight. They been able to bring this bird in safely - as luck would have it, a further pilot was flying as being a passenger and was brought up to the cockpit to assist land it(!) - but as you can imagine, issues can have gotten very poor. In truth, based on Fox, at one point before he was restrained he “appeared to need to open the plane’s side door.” Gulp.

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