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Victoria’s Secret Model Quits to order Physique ‘for My Husband’

One particular Victoria’s Secret angel may be turning her back on lingerie modeling but she’s not giving up her modeling wings.

Model Kylie Bisutti, 21, has decided to leave Victoria’s Secret since it clashes with her Faith.

“I just became so convicted of honoring the Lord and my physique and wanting to be a function model for other girls around who appear up to me,” Bisutti mentioned today on “Good Morning America.”

The California native pulled ahead of 10,000 hopefuls in 2009 to win the Victoria’s Secret Model Search. She was 19 and recently married in the time.

But wearing the coveted angel wings and walking the runway with Adriana Lima and Miranda Kerr wasn’t quite what Bisutti had envisioned.

“I was expanding within my connection with the Lord and my faith. I’m a sturdy believing Christian,” Bisutti told “GMA” of how her just what it this employment my wife described as her “absolutely most significant aim in life” began to transform.

“It was a lot more of just a heart issue personally,” she stated.

Even though Bisutti has cited her husband and her want to keep their marriage particular as aspects in their own choice to leave her lingerie modeling days behind, she mentioned the choice was hers alone.

“He am, so supportive of me and I’m so thankful that he i want to grow and permit me to arrive at this selection on my personal,” she mentioned of her husband.

Bisutti’s selection to leave the lingerie business had also been spurred on by an encounter with your ex 8-year-old cousin.

“I was doing my makeup within the mirror one particular day and she was watching me,” Bisutti said. “She looked at me and was like, ‘You know, I think I wish to quit consuming in order to look like your story.’”

“It just broke my heart mainly because she looks up to me so i didn’t choose to be that type of person that they thought she had to perform that to be gorgeous,” she stated. “Thousands of girls that believe that getting wonderful can be an outer problem and truly it’s a heart problem.”

On Dec. 1, one day after the nationally televised Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, during which Bisutti didn’t appear, aired, the model posted to her Twitter page, “For every body that were on the lookout for me in the Victorias Secret runway show this season, I wasn’t in it. I have decided not to model lingerie Because I know really feel that I'm not honoring God or my spouse by undertaking it. My marriage is very essential & with divorce rates rising I desire to it is able to I am able to to safeguard my marriage and grow respectful to my spouse. God graciously set it up this marriage and this life and my want is to live a Godly faithful life, I don’t however judge others for which they do. Everyone is convicted on different levels.”

Bisutti says her headline-making selection does not necessarily mean she will be giving up her modeling career altogether.

“I’m bound to pursue modeling,” she said on “GMA.” “I just want to be extra wholesome about this as well as jobs that I'm likely to choose will always be going to be honoring the Lord.”
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