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Facebook IPO: The Numbers Behind the World’s Most Useful Social Network

The world is anticipating Facebook to file to have an initial public providing this week, and a lot indicators point out $10 billion handy as well as a valuation at more than $100 billion.
Precisely how did our small status updates and vacation images develop into after that most likely end up being the largest tech IPO ever (along with a valuation that rivals several of the world’s most significant multinational banks and telecoms)?

Our number-crunching buddies at Statista have pulled down a swell of stats around the company’s mind-boggling ascendance in latest years. The majority of the numbers indicate that Facebook is built to last. Its ad revenue far surpasses its social networking contemporaries, its member list is projected to develop in 2012, and its revenue per employee and per user is with a steady upward climb.

But pause a short time to contemplate the number of revenue to worth. Because the graphic below shows, after we had been to project, say, Apple’s valuation on the exact same scale, the electronics maker could be worth at the least $2.two trillion - a fabulous absurd number, understandably. Does a perspective prefer that indicate a harmful gulf between perceived and actual worth? And therefore are crazy-big IPOs that fit this description yet another symbol of Dot Com Bubble two.0?

Scope the stats your self and inform us exactly where you land in the comments section.

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