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Carry the Halal Content, Site Ready Released Facebook-style Islamic

Istanbul - A accumulation of Muslim businessmen in Turkey advancing to acquaint a amusing networking armpit a la Facebook. The aberration is this one armpit alleged accordant with Islamic ethics ​​and present agreeable for adolescent bodies healthy.

Website called is now actuality able and will admission abutting year. Akhmed Azimov declared as one of the originators armpit will not accept advice that is accounted not allowable according to Islam.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, with offices in Moscow and Cairo, the armpit is accepted to allure 50 actor users in 3 years. They will additionally accept assembly in 30 countries.

"The centermost of this activity is to actualize a arrangement after agreeable is banned by religion. To accomplish this, we will accept a abundant aggregation of moderators and there will be filters," said Azimov.

"We additionally apprehend the user to abstinent himself and to clarify out content," added he, as appear by AFP on Friday (11/02/2011).

The website will additionally present his plan consulting Islamic canon and the assorted guidelines for the people, for archetype the area of mosques and halal aliment store. Also, Islamic encyclopedias such as Wikipedia-style.
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