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The Who's Townshend slams 'vampire' Apple

Pete Townshend, the legendary frontman behind British rock team The Who, attacked Apple's on line iTunes services for bleeding artists "like a digital vampire".

Townshend, speaking in Manchester in northwest England, identified as around the online big to carry out extra to help you the performers from whom it had been making a lot capital.

"Is there really any good purpose why, simply because iTunes exists inside wild west World-wide-web land of Facebook, it are not able to provide some component of those providers to your artists whose perform it bleeds as being a electronic vampire... due to the enormous commission?" he asked.

Record labels and music publishers had inside past provided a variety of products and services to artists, providing editorial advice and nurturing them creatively, he explained.

He explained Apple must choose 20 talent scouts "from the dying document business" to help you new acts and provide economic and promotion support to your finest analysts.

Townshend made his remarks while in the inaugural John Peel lecture, an occasion organised in memory of the legendary BBC disc jockey.

In a very profession spanning decades, Peel was a first champion of a big selection of performers, including David Bowie, The Intercourse Pistols, Pleasure Division as well as White Stripes.

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