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Video: Slam Contest iPhone 4S vs. Galaxy S II

Specs both can tell pretty much exactly the same. But what about sturdiness slammed? Apple and Samsung now is competing. Problem, the two concerned lawsuits and accusing one another of patent infringement. Don't just from the green table, in smartphone income, amount of solutions Samsung Galaxy became a critical competitor to the iPhone.

At the moment, the solution that became a really serious competitor to the iPhone 4S would be the Samsung Galaxy S II. Excellent specs, attributes, up to the price, both of these solutions have got a good details compared. See the comparison of the specifications within this link.

But over and above the comparison in the requirements, what in the event the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S II tested robustness slammed. Hardiness right here with regards to real, resistant if dropped from the selected peak.

A video clip on YouTube and then slam the iPhone 4S demonstrates fights when using the Galaxy S II. Understand the video at this hyperlink.

If dropped from the peak up to 1 meter, the iPhone 4S appear invisible destruction, only some blisters. Equally, if the slam from a peak of around 1.5 meters grownups, iPhone 4S endured only abrasions.

However the conditions are extremely various when the iPhone 4S slam over the keep track of side that touches the bottom initially. Observe iPhone 4S noticeable cracks, the back had also been scratched.

How about the Galaxy S II? When dropped from the peak of one and one.5 meters, the Galaxy S II only slightly scuffed.

Likewise, in the event it dropped to your ground facing the keep an eye on first. Unlike the iPhone 4S is cracked, the screen Gorilla Glass-owned Galaxy S II proved resistant when dropped.
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