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Super Car Ferrari Millenio Concept

The Ferrari Millennio Principle is really a structure review of a futuristic electrical vehicle that proposes a fresh aesthetic approach inspired by the architecture world. The creator is Marko Petrovic from Serbia.

Together with his Millenio Concept, Marko Petrovic, who accomplished the Master in transportation style and design at Milan-based Domus Academy completely, proposes a eyesight for any new aesthetics in automotive design.
As they explains, though the technological areas of cars and trucks are swiftly shifting, the evolution from the visual style and design languages seems significantly slower.

Using inspiration in the architecture discipline, where by new assignments typically push the boundaries of doable, Marko envisions an solution based on the use of various styles, optical illusions (with components and colors) and advanced forms, merged within a balanced and proportioned whole - virtually a “mechanical” model of your human body.

With the Ferrari Millenio he applies these ideas a great overwhelming electrical sportscar equipped with two motors and displaying innovative materials these kinds of as Buckypaper, a thin sheet created from an aggregate of carbon nanotubes, which happens to be 10 occasions lighter and around 500 times more robust than steel.

The structure - partly motivated by Ferrari’s globe park in Abu Dhabi - is characterized by a intricate interplay of different surfaces, textures and elements.

Both top as well as rear conclusion are inspired with the lines with the Italian carmaker’s versions, reinterpreted which has a mix of various aspects.
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