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Prototype Nokia Smartphone Awesome Upcoming

What a beautiful Foreseeable future Smartphones-Nokia Nokia can be a recent physical prototypes showcased operated smartphone having a bend. Now, the big gadget demonstrate off his most up-to-date concept.

Nokia recently introduced his most recent video for the Nokia HumanForm notion. "Solutions visionaries outside the touch screen and voice communications through which technologies turns into invisible and intuition just take over every little thing," explained the Finnish enterprise.

This gadget are going to be managed by bending or equivalent perform on artificial Kinetic Device enterprise. But now, Nokia adds transparent overall look, the Wiimote motion controller and also a great deal of buttons.

The video is alone followed many other technology corporations this demonstrate the concept of his potential as on Microsoft which consists of 3D HoloDesk.

Here is the video prototypes loaded nokia smartphones just like the HuffPost:

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