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iPad 3 Will Lean More Plus Low-Power Retina Display

Of all the rumors about the iPad display panel 3, the final analysis says that Apple will continue to use technology IPS (in-plane switching) panel to display their latest.

But a new report from Peter Misek, an analyst at Jeffries & Co.., Says that Apple will not use IPS technology for the iPad 3, and it has purchased the manufacturing equipment for $ 500 million to $ 1 billion for Gen 6 Kameyama owned by Sharp, which is intended to manufactures display panels for the iPad and iPhone.

Misek believes that Sharp has started to produce high-resolution display panel for the latest generation iPad began two weeks ago, and Sharp will also make the display panel for the iPhone 5.

"We also believe that Apple and Sharp have jointly modify IGZO technology (indium, gallium, zinc) to reach 330 dpi, which is sufficient for HD displays and will not use IPS technology or dual-bar include LED backlighting. In our opinion, this will allow the design of several advantages, namely the device will be thinner, batteries will be more durable, and overall experience for the users will get a significant improvement. "

Misek also noted in a separate report that Apple and Sharp also are working together to display panels for Apple TV sets, the Sharp factory that received an injection of new equipment is ready to begin mass production of the Apple TV display panel in February.
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