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How to Salman Rushdie Attacking Facebook

Salman Rushdie affronted because Facebook afflicted its name to "Ahmad Rushdie". So far, the complaints adjoin the use of absolute names in the fresh amusing networking annual addressed to Google. But the aforementioned is now loud protests addressed to the
Facebook. One of them accurate by a arguable capital writer, Salman Rushdie.

The reason, Facebook abolish pages Rushdie, with a atomic reason: Facebook can not accept that the buyer of the folio it is Salman Rushdie is original, and appeal the columnist of the book "Satanic Verses" was to accelerate his authorization photo.

Rushdie again accelerate authorization photos to Facebook. However, because the authorization listed his absolute name, Ahmed Salman Rushdie, Facebook folio and again actuate it with the name "Ahmed Rushdie".
Rushdie angry. Frustrated with Facebook policy, he was an absolute protest. Interestingly, he did in the amusing networking battling Facebook, Twitter.

In his tweet, Rushdie alike accurate his acrimony with his acknowledgment architect of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, via accounts @ MarkZuckerbergF.

"They have reactivated my FB page as 'Ahmed Rushdie', in spite of the world knowing me as Salman. Morons. @MarkZuckerbergF? Are you listening?" tweet this award-winning Booker of Booker on the book "Midnight's Children" is.

Only after Rushdie knows that the aboriginal Twitter annual is @ finkd Zuck's. Salman alternate to cheep with me @ finkd mention.

"So if @finkd is the real #Zuckerberg: what are your people up to, Sir? Why have I been denied my name on FB? An answer would be nice." 

Salman is actual affronted and again adduce a cardinal of apple leaders who is more good accepted for his average name, and not his aboriginal name. The account contains a account of names such as James "Paul" McCartney, Francis "Scott" Fitzgerald, and Edward "Morgan" Forster.

After Rushdie connected to attack a alternation of attacks via Twitter, Facebook gave up. Finally, a Facebook folio to rename it aback with the name "Salman Rushide".

Salman did not balloon to say thanks, to Twitter. "An identity crisis at my age is no fun. Thank you Twitter!"


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