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Hillary Clinton Cancel Going to the UK & Turkey

Washington - On account of her mom fell ill, Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) Usa Secretary of State Hillary Clinton canceled a structured journey to London, England and Istanbul, Turkey. Former U.S. first lady was meant to attend a global conference in London about cyber security additionally, the regional conference in Istanbul within the security of Afghanistan on Wednesday, November 2.

Clinton was scheduled to recover from Washington on Monday, October 31 evening local time. Even so the trip was canceled because the wife of former U.S. President Bill Clinton needed to accompany her mother, Dorothy Rodham around the hospital.

"Due to illness of his mother, Secretary Clinton canceled an organized vacation to London at some point and Istanbul and will eventually carry on Washington," said a senior U.S. State Department reported by Reuters news agency on Tuesday (01/11/2011).

Hillary's mom is presently being managed in the hospital in Washington. No mention of just what the disease suffered by 92-year-old woman.

Hillary's mother, Rodham, if it rarely appears in public places and talking for the media. By leading U.S. media, the Washington Post, Rodham referred to as "most enduring influence" for Hillary. Reportedly, Hillary will be much more protective of her mother than her daughter, Chelsea Clinton in regards to appearance in public places.
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