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Google's secret lab「Google X」the first exposure

The lab is alleged Google X, and it sounds almost one actor times acknowledgment than Google Classic, abundant like how Mega Man X was a actor times acknowledgment than old-school Mega Man. The Times claims that the lab is adherent to 100 “shot-for-the-stars” ideas. Some of these account are aloof busy tweaks on wireless technology: 

A fridge that connects to the internet and orders added aliment for you back you’re active low, a banquet bowl that tells Facebook what you’re eating, etc. But a few of these account appear beeline out of science-fiction. There’s an elevator to alien space, aloof like in 3001: The Final Odyssey. There are driverless cars, aloof like in Minority Report. There’s a apprentice that can go to assignment for you, while you ascendancy it from the abundance of your own home. Actually, there are allegedly aloof a accomplished ton of robots.

According to the New York Times, Google X is adamantine to analysis because Google is "so backstairs about the accomplishment that abounding advisers do not alike apperceive the lab exists." The lab is acclimated to analysis out awful beginning account that are about different to Google's amount business.

Sources say that the lab has a account of "100 shoot-for-the-stars ideas" to be researched. Some of those projects are absolutely actually extensive against the stars; the "space elevator," a fantasy of Google's founders, is one of the abounding projects currently underway. It may be that Sergey Brin is abaft several of these projects; while Brin evades any acknowledgment of Google X, he addendum that his assignment "is further afield projects."

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