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Daihatsu FC Sho Case Concept

The Daihatsu FC ShoCase can be a proposal for a zero-emission next-generation mobility solution, by having an superior fuel cell powertrain and a boxy, high-tech design and style.Earning its debut in the forthcoming 2011 Tokyo Motor Exhibit, the Daihatsu FC Sho Scenario is considered the most futuristic and unique among the notion autobus offered from the Japanese carmaker.

The main technical feature could be the rare metal-free liquid gas cell technology suggesting new choices for compact, zero-emission vehicles in the potential.

The car or truck is according to a new platform which incorporates the cell procedure inside underfloor room, leaving a large diploma of independence to designers.

The FC Sho Case is 3,395mm very long, 1,475mm extensive and 1,900mm higher, with a 2,450mm wheelbase.

The minibus-like style is characterised by the boxy quantity, with potent, rectangular-shaped window graphics plus a horizontal stripe that surrounds the autos visually splitting the surface by 50 % parts.

The cabin is incredibly concept-ish, with crucial, foldable seats. The transparent floor allows the beneath gas cell technique noticeable.Over-all, the FC Sho Case - because its identify appears to be to advocate, might be considered as a technological “showcase” instead of a study for a unique car.

The boxy shape, and bare-bones interior ensure it is show up suitable for low-speed transport companies.
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