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Worse Same with smoking addiction Pornography Addiction

The impact of cigarette addiction is not only continuous heart attack and lung, but also can cause structural damage to the brain. The same damage experienced by people who are addicted to sex and pornography.

In people who have addictions, usually susceptible to interference on the part of the brain that regulates reward or pleasure. Because addiction is characterized by repetitive behaviors, then the brain that serves as a central memory or the memory will also be affected.

This mechanism occurs in both the addiction that is triggered by addictive substances including drugs and cigarettes, or other stimulation such as sex and pornography. The longer and more often get stimulation, the brain will experience damage or malfunction.

"Addiction will give continuous damage in the brain. Just like people smoking," said Dr Al Bachri Husin, SpKJ (K), addiction psychiatrist from Cipto Mangunkusumo in Neuroscience seminar Role in Developing Character in the Young Nation Menara Peninsula, on Monday ( 24/10/2011).

In fact, according to Dr. Al Bachri, damage to the smoker does not only occur in the brain but throughout the body. Nicotine and hundreds of types of toxins in cigarette smoke can cause damage to the heart, lungs and other organs including the reproductive organs.

However, it does not mean addiction pornography addiction is safer than cigarettes. When the brain is damaged, then the behavior of a sex addict and pornography tend to be more difficult to control and morally and socially can be unsettling environment.

Any stimulation or trigger, Dr. Al Bachri considers addiction is like other chronic illnesses are like diabetes and hypertension. As a chronic brain disease or chronic, addiction may recur despite having never recovered, so the therapy must be sustained.

To cure the addiction, just to avoid stimulation or trigger alone is usually not effective. Statistics show worldwide, only 30 percent of drug addiction is successfully overcome by abstinence or avoid triggers while the rest will relapse again.

"That's why there are programs such substitution as a substitute putaw methadon. If addiction difficult to cure, then the behavior is just that we change. For example, a syringe was used, with methadon he no longer using a syringe," said Dr. Al Bachri.
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