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The Widespread Floods, Thousands Leave Bangkok

Bangkok - visitors jams happen while driving leading outside of Bangkok, money of Thailand. Congestion that occurs more than a large number of residents decide to leave Bangkok prior to the flood that's likely come and aggravate the flood scenario that has been struck most of Bangkok and also the provinces of Thailand.

From a tv broadcast Thailand reported by Reuters news agency on Friday (28/10/2011), seen crowding the vehicles leave Bangkok. I'm so solid, the vehicles can just crawl.

While the departure terminal at Suvarnabhumi Airport, the sole airport still operating in Bangkok, can also be packed with residents who want to leave Bangkok.

At present the primary dilemma is should the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok is really overflowing a few days ago. Thai authorities have issued previous warnings in the prospect of overflow within the river.

Department of Meteorology has warned residents living along side Chao Phraya is usually tormented by flooding. Presently the majority of the streets within the heart of Bangkok is still no cost from flooding. But a further case with areas over the outskirts of Bangkok that's now been flooded.

Floods that struck Thailand has killed much more than 370 people given that occurred in mid-July. Floods caused by monsoon extraordinary intense likely to effect on approximately 2.two million people of Thailand. This is the most important flood inside the land on the White Elephant within the period of 50 years.
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