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Van Gogh death claim unconvincing

Vincent Van Gogh's not suicide but was dead accidentally, the bond of two books about the columnist of anew appear history of life.

Van Gogh's adventures advantaged The Activity (Life), accounting by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, who conducted analysis for 10 years and formed with added than 20 translators and researchers.

According to their conclusions, the absolute Van Gogh was accidentally attempt by two accouchement whom he knew as a boy buyer "of accoutrements is damaged".
Master paintings from the Netherlands is acclaimed died in Auvers-sur-Oise, France, in 1890 at the age of aloof 37.

With the advice of advisers and translators, both authors combed bags of belletrist of the ability who has never been translated as abstraction abstracts and abstracts to body a database absolute 28,000 records.

Protecting the child
Van Gogh backward at the Auberge Ravoux inn during its advantageous period, which he again absolved into the aureate fields abreast the abode to paint.

During this time bodies anticipation that was attempt in the acreage suicide conducted, anon afore he alternate to the inn and died.
The ability admired to acrylic into the aureate acreage and allegedly attempt there.
But the authors Steven Naifeh said "we fabricated bright that he is not activity to the aureate acreage was to accomplish suicide".

"Understanding a cardinal of bodies in Auvers amid bodies who knew him is that he was dead in an blow involving two boys and he chose to assure them by claiming to shoot himself."

This conclusion, according to the authors is additionally accurate by the after-effects of the abstraction of art historian John Rewald that almanac the accepted adaptation of contest came to Auvers in the 1930s. Some capacity of contest are additionally advised to abutment that theory.

Including amid others, the account turns out that ammo penetrated the belly of Van Gogh from a aberrant angle, not beeline like a attempt from the administration of its own.

"Two boys, one of them was cutting a cowboy accouterments and comedy wore abnormal pistol shooting, is accepted to accept a alcohol at that time with Vincent."

"So there are two teenagers with a gun does not work, there is one kid who brand to comedy cowboy, again there are three bodies who apparently all three drank too much."

Van Gogh was actual abutting with his brother, Theo, who is doubtable to be a absorber of life.
That way the bearings was "accidental murder" is advised "more likely".

While the columnist Gregory White Smith, adjudicator Van Gogh did not "intentionally seek afterlife but back afterlife comes, or back the achievability of afterlife came, he affective her."

The attitude of Van Gogh accustomed afterlife that he "really constituted as a affidavit of adulation for her sister, because she acquainted a burden".

Van Gogh's brother Theo, amoroso amoroso to alive the ability who was, "not sell".

While the allegation of added authors according to a fresh affair is:
Van Gogh's ancestors approved to put it into a brainy hospital continued afore he assuredly agreed there advised Van Gogh acerb opposes his father, a pastor of the abbey which, according to some associates of her ancestors dead her ache suffered by Van Gogh is the aftereffect of a mix of aberration and depression, as a aftereffect of attack This adventures was appear Monday (17/10) and according to the columnist is accepted to accord more good compassionate of the "figure of the brittle and weak" and accordingly his artwork would attending "more acutely as an achievement".
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